I'm Oliver Russell, a Python dev (amongst other things) based in London, reach me at ojhrussell[at]gmail.com, subscribe via rss, read my CV.

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Database tips
Minimal versions
Computer science essentials
High level programming thoughts
Python/Javscript bits and bobs
What ifs
Github gists/stars
Github projects
Blocks game

Handy database tips. According to Google, these are way more interesting than anything else here.

A series of posts where I reimplement a minimal version of something to demonstrate how it works.

Weenie posts reducing some computer science concept down to its essentials. There are many different takes on these topics scattered across the internet.

High level thoughts on professional programming.

Python/JavaScript/TypeScript and bobs.



Other junk.

Github gists/stars.

Here are some of my projects, none of them are particularly prod-ready, just things that have scratched various itches over the years.

Below is a minimalist blocks game, see the page source to see how it works!